What is Powlift?

Powlift is a suite of web applications to run your fitness business.

Projects and Timesheets

Comprehensive suite of Tasks, Timesheets, Expenses, Budgets to help you run your fitness business.

CRM and Sales

Automate your sales, marketing, and service in one platform. Track sales leads and analyze follow-up conversion.

HR, Leave and Payroll

Integrated solution to manage all your HR payroll, leaves, compliance, and more in one online dashboard.

Helpdesk and Support

Get an integrated help desk and knowledge base to solve customer problems faster.

Manage your fitness projects.

Our project management allows you and your employees to estimate project cost, manage datelines, monitor progress or even assign roles and tasks such as
  • Replace gym equipment
  • Hire new instructor
  • Reminder to research on new meal plan
  • Sponsor Alice for her fitness certification

CRM for your fitness clients or gym members.

  • Find out whose gym subscription is due for renewing.
  • Keep track of your client's meal plan.
  • Manage appointments and reminders.
  • Organize issues and complaints raised by clients.

As business grows, our CRM helps you take care of clients like how they remember you when you were first started out.

What our customers say

Focus on growing your fitness business and let us worry about the boring stuff.
I have worked with quite a few ERP solutions including SugarCRM, Odoo, and Salesforce. Within a few days I was able to build scripts to import our data into Powlift using their Rest APIs. We have given our trainers, marketing and staff additional tools to make communication with gym members across 10 different franchises easier.

Christian Peterson

Gym Luxemborg, Kentucky
I have been looking for a cloud-based fitness training solution that helps personal trainers to manage day-to-day activities. Powlift fits all my requirement and it is getting better with frequent updates and helpful support staff.

Rasmus Koskinen

Delta Gym, Stockholm
The new Powlift is a great tool to manage clients when you're short on time but big on compliance and tracking. I do knee rehab for renowned Orthopedic Surgeons in the STL area and I am the High School Director for the Beatrice Xtreme sports club. It allows me to treat single clients as well as 100+ players in the club by tracking every client's customized workout. I have the capability to continuously enhance/update their workout based on their individual progress!

Sam Hudson

Fitness specialist, St. Louis
It is like a personal assistant for trainers -- only better. With Powlift, booking appointments with my clients and tracking their meal plans don't have to be a neverending time suck anymore. (Hallelujah!) .

Eevi Toumola

SOHO Fitness, Los Angeles
I've been using the Powlift for the last 6 months. Powlift makes my job as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach a lot easier and it saves me a ton of time. Earlier it used to take me 2 hours to create a training program for each client, and now I'm done in 10 minutes if I'm working slow!

johanna Mann

La Palestra, New York
Powlift is a godsend. I have replaced 3 SaaS applications (CRM, expense & project management) with it and not only our monthly cost is greatly reduced, a more unified workflow allows our gym staff to collaborate more efficiently. Highly recommended!

Mandy Tan

Pure Crossfit, Hong Kong

30 days money back guarantee

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